ACI Europe issues recommendations to EU Governments ahead of anticipated passenger increase

    ACI Europe issued (31-May-2021) the following recommendations to EU Governments ahead of an anticipated threefold increase in passenger traffic from May-2021 to Aug-2021:

    • Universal implementation of the European Commission‘s revised EU Council Recommendation for travel within the EU;
    • Issuance of common and interoperable EU digital COVID-19 certificates by 01-Jul-2021 “at the latest”;
    • Recognition of digital and manual COVID-19 certificates issued by EU neighbouring countries and third countries;
    • Ensure that COVID-19 tests take place “as early in the passenger process as possible” and are “not duplicated during the travel journey”;
    • Adequate deployment of state resources at airports to ensure manual checks and border control processes do not delay travellers.

    The industry body stated space constrained facilities, peaks in air traffic, and multiple COVID-19 checks would represent an “unprecedented operational challenge”. Director general Olivier Jankovec said travellers could endure “widespread chaos” at airports in summer 2021, adding “We absolutely and urgently need governments to step up advance planning on the full range of issues involved and work more closely with airports and airlines”. The organisation also called on EASA and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control to reconsider physical distancing requirements at airports. [more – original PR]

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