Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: Researching tech to reduce ultrafine particles in the air

    Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) announced (16-Jul-2021) they are conducting research into technology to reduce the amount of ultrafine particles in the air through the use of ionised mist. The partners are investigating whether the technology can reduce ultrafine particles around the runways. The approach is based on existing concepts used in the construction industry. Schiphol, WUR and NLR want to fine-tune this method so that it can also be applied to ultrafine particles in the open air and in airport operations. In 2019, Schiphol launched an action plan to reduce ultrafine particles at and around the airport. The airport expects to be able to announce whether the researched technique has the potential to reduce concentrations of ultrafine particles emitted from aircraft by the start of 2022. [more – original PR]

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