Airports as urban growth generators: the rise of the Aerotropolis

11 April, 2018

The expansion of commercial outlets within terminals has seen many major airports become “airport cities”. Further development beyond the airport’s original physical boundary has given rise to the aerotropolis, with airport-linked business parks, industrial and residential complexes, and retail, dining and entertainment precincts transforming airports into major urban centres.

The terms airport city and aerotropolis are now becoming common place in airport development strategies. But it is not as simple as just factoring aerotropolis development into long term strategy and planning and there must be clearly defined goals for any airport city or aerotropolis development with clear distinguishing process to support the two concepts.

There remain questions to be answered on these ideas:

  • What are the business and economic drivers for building an aerotropolis?
  • How is the aerotropolis model evolving?
  • How do you integrate the critical role of surface transport operators and ICT in enhancing physical and network connectivity in an aerotropolis?

This will be one of the topic areas discussed at the forthcoming CAPA- Centre for Aviation Global Airport Leader's Forum that takes place in Dubai, UAE on 07-May-2018.

Understanding aviation markets is CAPA’s great strength and passion and this year’s agenda includes a variety of topics sure to generate interest. Airports as urban growth generators: the rise of the Aerotropolis will be a panel session at the Dubai forum on the afternoon of 07-May-2018.

The high-level aviation event is a forum for debate and discussion of strategic issues facing the aviation industry and it is attracting delegate interest from across the globe.

It will bring together global airport leaders to discuss key strategic issues and challenges facing airports as new technologies come online and tougher regulations create downward pressure on traditional revenue streams. The forum will aso explore how airports can adapt their business models, implement smart innovations and embrace collaborative partnerships with airlines to adapt and flourish in the digital age.

Covering the global strategic challenges and opportunities facing airport operators, regulators and airport industry suppliers, this is clearly a forum you don’t want to miss!

FIND OUT MORE… visit the CAPA Global Airport Leaders' Forum homepage to find out more about this not-to-be-missed opportunity to discuss relevant issues impacting the airport sector and learn meaningful insights from your industry peers.