Deloitte: Vaccinations improving US consumer perceptions of travel safety and future travel intent

    Deloitte reported (23-Feb-2021) results of its weekly survey of US consumers show that consumer perception of travel safety is improving as vaccines roll out and the number of COVID-19 cases decline. The survey also found that net spending intent on travel has reached a high mark since the onset of the pandemic. Key findings include:

    • Six weeks after COVID-19 vaccine distribution began in the US, more than 50% of US adults expect to be fully vaccinated in the next six months;
    • As a result of the vaccine rollout, 34% of US adults say they feel safe staying flying and 46% feel safe with a hotel stay, the highest levels since Apr-2020. Of those already vaccinated, 70% feel safe staying in a hotel and 54% feel safe flying;
    • Booking intentions are improving, with 30% planning on taking a domestic flight in the next quarter and 38% expecting to stay in a hotel;
    • 53% of those already vaccinated are likely to spend more on travel in the next four weeks compared to 30% for the overall population;
    • Over the next three months, vaccinated consumers indicate that they are two times more likely to take a domestic flight and 1.7 times more likely to stay in a hotel than the rest;
    • 37% of consumers say they will fly less often than before the onset of the pandemic, and 36% will have fewer hotel stays;
    • Consumers also indicate that post-pandemic they expect to continue to work from home at a level six times higher than pre-pandemic levels (30% versus 5% in 2019). [more – original PR]
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