European Parliament extends airport slot relief measures through summer 2021

    European Parliament adjusted (11-Feb-2021) airport slot rules to suspend competitive access to airport slots for summer 2021 and set out a plan on how to return to a normal application of the 80/20 ‘use it or lose it’ rule. Under the rules, airlines only have to use 50% of their planned take-off and landing slots for the 2021 summer season beginning in late Mar-2021, instead of the 80% required before the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to keep them in the following season. In addition, the European Commission can also extend the new rules to other seasons in the future and adjust the minimum utilisation rate to between 30% and 70%, enabling it to react to changing air traffic levels during the pandemic. Parliament also prolonged the rules regarding the validity of certain certificates, licences, periodic checks and training that are normally required in the transport sector under 15 different EU rules. [more – original PR]

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