Frontier Airlines to boost its Orlando schedule in 4Q 2021; Denver, Miami and Tampa networks expanded

    Frontier Airlines plans to launch the following services, as per a 27-Jul-2021 GDS inventory and timetable display:

    • DenverBelize City: Weekly from 11-Dec-2021;
    • Miami-Stewart: Three times weekly from 02-Nov-2021;
    • Orlando-Antigua: Weekly from 04-Dec-2021;
    • Orlando-Belize City: Weekly from 11-Dec-2021
    • Orlando-Cedar Rapids: Twice weekly from 04-Nov-2021
    • Orlando-Cozumel: Weekly from 06-Nov-2021;
    • Orlando-El Paso: Twice weekly from 03-Nov-2021
    • Orlando-Fayetteville: Twice weekly from 01-Nov-2021;
    • Orlando-Fort Myers: Daily from 01-Nov-2021;
    • Orlando-Harlingen: Twice weekly from 01-Nov-2021;
    • Orlando-Liberia (Costa Rica): Twice weekly from 11-Nov-2021
    • Orlando-Montego Bay: Three times weekly from 02-Nov-2021
    • Orlando-Nassau: Four times weekly from 02-Nov-2021;
    • Orlando-Pensacola: Three times weekly from 01-Nov-2021
    • Orlando-Providenciales: Weekly from 17-Dec-2021;
    • Orlando-San Salvador (El Salvador): Twice weekly from 04-Nov-2021;
    • Orlando-Sioux Falls: Twice weekly from 01-Nov-2021;
    • Orlando-Stewart: Four times weekly from 25-Oct-2021
    • Tampa-Stewart: Three times weekly from 02-Nov-2021. [more – original PR]
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