IATA: Pax demand drops 65.9% in 2020, capacity down 56.5%

    IATA reported (03-Feb-2021) the following passenger traffic highlights for the 12 months ended Dec-2020:

     Traffic (RPK)Capacity (ASK)Load Factor
    Total Market-65.9%-56.5%64.8%, -17.8pp
    Africa-68.8%-61.0%57.4%, -14.4pp
    Asia Pacific-61.9%-53.9%​67.5%, -14.3pp
    Europe-69.9%-62.1%67.8%, -17.4pp
    Latin America-62.1%-58.3%​74.9%, -7.7pp
    Middle East-72.2%-63.3%57.6%, -18.5pp
    North America-65.2%-50.2%59.2%, -25.6pp
    International-75.6%-68.1%62.8%, -19.2pp
    Africa-69.8%-61.5%55.9%, -15.4pp
    Asia Pacific-80.3%-74.1%61.4%, -19.5pp
    Europe-73.7%-66.3%66.8%, -18.8pp
    Latin America-71.8%-67.7%72.4%, -10.4pp
    Middle East-72.9%-63.9%57.3%, -18.9pp
    North America-75.4%-65.5%60.1%, -23.9pp
    Domestic-48.8%-35.7%66.6%, -17.0pp
    Australia-69.5%-62.8%66.1%, -14.7pp
    Brazil-49.0%-47.4%80.3%, -2.4pp
    China-30.8%-19.7%72.9%, -11.7pp
    India-55.6%-48.0%74.6%, -12.8pp;
    Japan-53.6%-32.7%50.9%, -22.9pp
    Russia-23.5%-12.6%72.9%, -10.3pp
    US-59.6%-41.4%58.8%, -26.4pp

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