New Zealand Government sets out plan to reconnect New Zealand to the world

    New Zealand‘s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced (12-Aug-2021) the Government will use 2H2021 to vaccinate as many New Zealanders as possible and safely conduct a self-isolation trial for vaccinated New Zealanders in order to prepare for a phased resumption of quarantine free travel. Ms Ardern stated: “Key to this is maintaining our Elimination Strategy. The advice is clear: If we open our borders now, we will lose the freedoms and advantages we have achieved so far”. Ms Ardern noted the country is moving to six weeks between coronavirus doses to ensure more New Zealanders are at least partially vaccinated as soon as possible in face of the Delta variant risk. Once enough individuals are vaccinated, New Zealand will commence a “phased introduction of an individual risk-based approach to border settings in 2022”, with “Low-Risk, Medium-Risk and High-Risk travel pathways” to be created. Risk settings will be based on where the individual is travelling from and vaccination status. Low-Risk travellers will permit quarantine free travel, Medium-Risk pathways will include both “self-isolation and/or reduced MIQ for vaccinated travellers who have been in medium risk countries”, with New Zealand’s Government to prepare for a pilot programme of self-isolation in 2H2021. High-Risk pathways will see 14 days of mandatory managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) “and testing for unvaccinated travellers and any traveller, including vaccinated travellers, who have been in very high risk or high risk countries”.

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