ACCC: Continued coordination between Jetstar's Asian brands 'likely to result in public benefits'

26 November, 2017

Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) commissioner Roger Featherston stated (24-Nov-2017) the body believes that continuing the coordination between Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Pacific and Jetstar Japan "is likely to result in public benefits", as it means these airlines are "able to provide better products, services, and more convenient flight times for consumers". Mr Featherstone said the proposed re-authorisation of the coordination between the three Asian based Jetstar branded JVs is "likely to result in little, if any, detriment due to a lessening of competition" as these airlines are unlikely to compete directly with each other, or their owners in the absence of the proposed coordination. The proposed re-authorisation does not extend to allowing coordination between any of the airline owners. Jetstar is also seeking to coordinate with their shareholding airlines including Qantas, Japan Airlines and Vietnam Airlines, on passenger and cargo services within Asia in certain circumstances. [more - original PR]