ACCC reauthorises Qantas Emirates alliance, with condition on Sydney-Christchurch route

22 March, 2018

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) granted (23-Mar-2018) reauthorisation to the alliance between Qantas and Emirates for a further five years, subject to a condition to address continuing competition concerns on the Sydney-Christchurch route. The alliance must report to the ACCC on seats and passengers flown, fares and route profitability on routes between Australia and New Zealand. The condition allows the commission to set a minimum level of capacity on the Sydney to Christchurch route at any time, if needed. The terms of the authorisation granted are largely unchanged from the ACCC's Feb-2018 draft decision.The global alliance covers Qantas and Emirates' air passenger and cargo transport operations. ACCC commissioner Roger Featherston said: "The continued coordination by Qantas and Emirates of their air passenger and cargo transport operations will likely lead to a range of public benefits such as improved connectivity and loyalty program benefits". [more - original PR]