Air China outlines services with Beijing permitted as first point of entry

3 September, 2020

Air China, via its official Weibo account, announced (02-Sep-2020) the following international services inbound to Beijing will no longer be required to operate to a secondary city as first point of entry. They will be permitted to operate nonstop to Beijing from the foreign destination, effective 03-Sep-2020:

  • Phnom Penh-Beijing: From 03-Sep-2020;
  • Athens-Beijing: From 06-Sep-2020;
  • Copenhagen-Beijing: From 08-Sep-2020;
  • Bangkok-Beijing: From 09-Sep-2020;
  • Stockholm-Beijing: From 12-Sep-2020;
  • Vienna-Beijing: From 13-Sep-2020;
  • Vancouver-Beijing: From 14-Sep-2020.