Air New Zealand announces some trans Tasman service cancellations due to Trent 1000 engine issue

29 April, 2018

Air New Zealand announced (26-Apr-2018) the retiming of some international flights and a limited number of service cancellations between 26-Apr-2018 and the middle of the week commencing 29-Apr-2018, related to earlier than expected maintenance required on some of Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines fitted to its Boeing 787-9 aircraft. The carrier is also making a number of aircraft deployment changes out to 22-May-2018. Air New Zealand stated it is doing all it can to minimise the impact of these unforeseen checks on customers and is also working to secure lease aircraft to help with additional capacity. Service cancellations include:

  • Auckland-Sydney: 26-Apr-2018;
  • Sydney-Auckland: 26-Apr-2018;
  • Auckland-Perth: 26-Apr-2018;
  • Perth-Christchurch: 27-Apr-2018;
  • Auckland-Perth: 27-Apr-2018;
  • Perth-Auckland: 27-Apr-2018;
  • Christchurch-Perth: 28-Apr-2018;
  • Perth-Auckland: 29-Apr-2018;
  • Auckland-Sydney: 30-Apr-2018;
  • Sydney-Auckland: 30-Apr-2018. [more-original PR]