Air NZ: Some changes to international schedules due to Rolls-Royce engine issue on 787-9 fleet

15 April, 2018

Air New Zealand stated (14-Apr-2018) it is working closely with Rolls-Royce on a global issue involving some of the Trent 1000 engines powering its Boeing 787-9 fleet. In Mar-2018, Rolls-Royce and EASA issued a directive requiring operators of Trent 1000 'Package C' engines to carry out earlier than usual maintenance checks on a specific part of the engine compressor. This check was already required prior to the engine reaching a flying threshold of 2000 cycles (one way journeys). The directive reduces that timeframe to 300 cycles. Rolls-Royce issued an advisory that 380 engines globally are impacted by the directive, including nine in the Air New Zealand 787 fleet. Air New Zealand also has Trent 1000 TEN model engines in its 787 fleet and these are unaffected. Air New Zealand expects there will be some impact to its international schedule as a result of the checks. [more - original PR]