Air Terminal Services (Fiji) sees more than 2000 applications for 150 temporary positions

4 January, 2018

Air Terminal Services (Fiji) acting CEO Hare Mani said close to 2000 applications were received as the company seeks to hire around 150 people to temporarily fill vacant positions created by the industrial dispute at the company, which provides baggage, catering and engineering services at Nadi International Airport (Radio New Zealand/Fiji Times, 05-Jan-2018). More than 200 employees have been off work since 16-Dec-2017, with the company confirming 27 employees had returned to work on 04-Jan-2018. "More than 70 per cent of the ATS workforce is at work and operations at Nadi International Airport are continuing with minimal disruption", the company said, adding: "ATS management continues to refute allegations of victimisation and reiterates that workers who return after striking are not being victimised. Employees who acknowledge their unlawful walkout and or unexplained absence are warmly welcomed back and will receive a warning letter only. Returning workers have not been told that they shall be restricted from future promotions, nor have they been told that they shall not receive performance based increments. Returning workers rates of pay shall not be reduced due to the action they took".