Airservices consulting on implementation of long range air traffic flow management

24 May, 2017

Airservices Australia commenced (24-May-2017) industry consultation on the viability of designing and installing a long range air traffic flow management (LR-ATFM) System for Australia's airspace. LR-ATFM is expected to deliver reduced aircraft fuel burn, increased air traffic predictability and reduced controller workload. Airservices has been applying a limited form of LR-ATFM at Sydney and Perth, largely based on procedures and manual interaction. Airservices highlighted there are "currently no demonstrated technology based LR-ATFM systems operating in the world". Airservices ATM service manager Paddy Goodall said the concept would be designed to integrate international flights into the current ATM network management process, to bring a more orderly flow of arrivals at the four major airports. Airservices plans to launch a Market Sounding Information Request through AusTender by early Jun-2017. [more - original PR]