Airways New Zealand reports on Yellow U23 SMART Approach trials at Auckland Airport

22 October, 2017

Airways New Zealand (Airways NZ), Auckland International Airport and the Board of Airline Representatives New Zealand (BARNZ) published (20-Oct-2017) a draft report on the trial of the Yellow U23 SMART Approach flight path. Yellow U23 is the third satellite guided path to Auckland Airport from the north. A 12 month trial commenced 01-Sep-2015 and concluded 31-Aug-2016, with the flight path used by up to 10 aircraft daily. Airways NZ reported the flight path saved 3175nm and 65,536kg of fuel, reducing CO2 emissions by 241,852kg over the period. The draft report's recommendations include:

  • The flight path be adopted for operational use in late 2017, only for utilisation between 07:00 and 22:00;
  • A maximum of six services daily to the flight path. The cap can be increased to 10 if "certain conditions" are met;

The report also recommends a third satellite guided flight path to Auckland Airport from the south be trialled from Jul-2018. Consultation on the approaches report runs until 15-Nov-2017. [more - original PR]