Azul launches public campaign to lobby for Avianca's slots at Congonhas

11 July, 2019

Azul Linhas Aereas launched a public opinion campaign seeking to raise awareness of the duopoly in Brazil's 'Ponte Aerea' (air bridge) between Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont Airport and Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport (Ponte Aereas, 10-Jul-2019). The social media campaign features the slogan: "Congonhas deserves more options, Congonhas deserves more Azul". Azul stated 95% of Congonhas' slots are held by two carriers, LATAM Airlines Brazil and Gol Linhas Aéreas. Azul requested to operate all of Avianca Brazil's slots at Congonhas. As previously reported by CAPA, Avianca Brazil auctioned its slots on 10-Jul-2019, all being conditionally sold to Gol and LATAM. Brazil ANAC had already started the process of reallocating Avianca Brazil's slots prior to the tender as it understood it was a matter of urgency and had judicial backing to do so. Airfares on the air bridge increased 64% since Avianca Brazil's demise.