Brandenburg Airport capacity to be expanded 'when the market demands it': CEO

14 January, 2020

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH CEO Dr Engelbert Lütke Daldrup said the operator will not expand Berlin Brandenburg Airport ahead of time due to financial reasons, but will instead "build further handling capacity when the market demands it" and gradually develop the airport in relation to increases in passenger traffic (Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller, Jan-2020). He said the airport is forecast to handle 55 million passengers p/a out to 2040. "We are prepared for this with our masterplan and will adapt our infrastructure, for example by building additional terminals and flight operation areas", Dr Daldrup said, adding the operator is "fully aware" the airport will require the development of a terminal 3 with capacity of 15 million passengers p/a in the next 10 years to replace Berlin Schoenefeld Airport and meet growing demand.