British Airways strengthens NDC capabilities and content

26 February, 2020

British Airways announced (26-Feb-2020) plans to strengthen its New Distribution Capability (NDC) platform with new initiatives to enable travel agencies to better integrate and manage NDC content and drive the airline closer to reaching IATA's '20% by 2020' NDC sales target. British Airways' NDC platform will now include full servicing prior to ticketing for agents offering customers a delay between booking and ticketing. This follows the launch of a new 24 hour NDC service escalation process complementing existing support structures. The airline is also expanding its long haul additional price points across more routes and introducing extra price points on short haul, with the lowest three short haul basic inventories now be available exclusively through NDC and direct channels for passengers starting their journey from the UK. Additional price points will be available for any agent connected to BA's NDC APIs and through its direct channels. [more - original PR]