Delta Air Lines CEO: Federally mandated mask wearing would 'certainly help'

14 July, 2020

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian said he believes it would "certainly help" if the federal government were to mandate mask wearing on all commercial airlines (CNN Business, 10-Jul-2020). Mr Bastian said: "I do believe that would be a good action. I don't expect it to happen though". He said while airlines have "had those discussions" with the White House regarding mandated face masks, "the industry, collectively, hasn't given a strong point of view on it". Mr Bastian continued: "I feel strongly about it. But I'm not sure some of my peers and other airlines feel the same way". Regarding social distancing, Mr Bastian said the carrier will "continue to block middle seats" beyond 30-Sep-2020, calling it a "really important safety feature".