Delta Air Lines to install facial recognition boarding at more airports in next month

20 June, 2019

Delta Air Lines announced (19-Jun-2019) plans to install facial recognition boarding technology at Salt Lake City International Airport, Minneapolis St Paul International Airport and concourse E at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport during the next month, in partnership with the airports and US Customs and Border Protection. Passengers flying to international destinations onboard Delta and its partners will be able to utilise facial recognition technology at these airports, while also providing passengers with the option to board using their boarding pass and passport instead of facial recognition technology. Delta stated 72% of passengers travelling through the airline's biometric boarding system at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport's concourse F preferred facial recognition to standard boarding. The airline also tested a self service biometric boarding bag drop at Minneapolis for international passengers as well as biometric boarding at Washington Ronald Reagan National Airport and optional biometric check in for domestic Sky Clubs. [more - original PR]