Eastern Airlines developing new website and business plan: CEO

26 August, 2019

Eastern Airlines CEO Steve Harfst stated the carrier is developing a "new corporate website" and a "new business plan" (Airways Magazine, 23-Aug-2019). The carrier is reportedly looking to acquire multiple used Boeing 767-300 and 777-200 aircraft by May-2020, open a new Systems Operations Control centre in Wayne from 01-Sep-2019 and allegedly launch service to South America from 4Q2019 and then to China from 2020. Mr Harfst noted the carrier's new main map logo "is not tied to any one geographic location", but is instead representative of "the universal space we all share as global citizens among the places we fly", adding additional "supporting logos and designs" will be featured for each market the carrier serves. He stated Eastern will "give back precious time" to its passengers by forgoing multiple stops and airport connections, and instead focusing on a point to point network.