Egencia: US business travellers more confident AI will lead to better travel experience

20 September, 2017

Egencia released (19-Sep-2017) the fourth edition of its 'Business Travel and Technology Survey'. The survey found "surprising differences" in the perceptions and confidence levels of global business travelers on the impact of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality on corporate travel, with foreign business travelers much more pessimistic about the potential of emerging technologies to improve the business travel experience, compared to confidence levels of US business travellers:

  • 55% of US business travellers believe AI advancements can improve their travel experience. US business travellers also recognise the need for balance between technology and human interaction;
  • Business travellers in regions have lower confidence levels in how AI advancements can improve their business travel experiences in the future. Sweden and Norway were the least likely to believe AI advancements will improve their travel experiences, at 37%, followed by 41% in the UK and Germany, 42% in Australia, 44% in Canada and France, and 47% in Singapore;
  • The US is the most demanding for mobile accessibility across devices, with 76% wanting greater cross-device integration;
  • 68% of business travellers in Singapore and Sweden want to more efficiently manage their travel across devices, compared to 65% in Canada and Norway, 64% in France and the UK, 62% in Germany. [more - original PR]