ETC president: European travel confidence growing as COVID-19 becomes a 'fact of life'

14 April, 2022

European Travel Commission (ETC) reported (12-Apr-2022) COVID-19 concerns of European travellers continue to decrease, with 27% having been able to realise their original travel plans, an increase from 16% in Dec-2021. Following high vaccination rates in Europe, Europeans indicated flexible cancellation policies (14%) and freedom from restrictions (13%) are the top factors boosting respondents' confidence in planning trips within Europe. 17% of travel ready Europeans are worried about quarantine measures, while 15% are concerned about possible changes in travel restrictions. ETC president Luís Araújo commented: "European confidence in travelling is growing now that COVID-19 has largely become a fact of life". Mr Araújo added that despite challenges presented by "the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the rising cost of living... appetite for travel is still on the rise and the European tourism sector remains resilient". [more - original PR]