EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate to be extended until 30-Jun-2023

14 June, 2022

European Council and the European Parliament reached (13-Jun-2022) a provisional political agreement to extend the regulation establishing the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate (DCC) by one year, until 30-Jun-2023. If the health situation allows, the regulation can be repealed earlier. The Council and Parliament additionally agreed on the following:

  • A Commission obligation to submit a detailed report by 31-Dec-2022, which could be accompanied by legislative proposals to allow for a new assessment of the need to repeal or maintain the certificate, depending on the health situation;
  • Clarification that vaccination certificates should reflect all doses administered, regardless of the member state where people received their vaccination;
  • Possibility to issue a recovery certificate following an antigen test;
  • Extension of the range of authorised antigen tests used to qualify for a COVID-19 certificate;
  • Possibility to allow vaccination certificates to be issued to persons participating in clinical trials.

EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders stated the agreement will help to "continue to facilitate free and safe travel, should a rise in infections make it necessary for Member States to temporarily reintroduce restriction". The European Parliament and the Council will now need to formally adopt the agreement. [more - original PR - European Council] [more - original PR - European Commission]