Fares at 'historic' lows: A4A president and CEO

25 October, 2018

Airlines for America (A4A) president and CEO Nicholas E Calio stated (24-Oct-2018) fares are at 'historic' lows, with 40% of air travellers consisting of families with incomes under USD50,000 and 58% with incomes under USD75,000. He noted 90% of Americans today have flown at least once, compared to 63% in 1977. Mr Calio said cargo airlines have 'changed' global commerce, making overnight delivery 'commonplace' for millions of Americans. Additionally, he said aviation safety has improved 'dramatically', despite 'ominous predictions' from opponents of deregulation, citing the 24-Oct-1978 'Airline Deregulation Act' as the primary driver of this progress. [more - original PR]