FCM Consulting: Air travel to stabilise in 2023 with added capacity, moderated airfares

26 May, 2023

FCM Consulting released (17-May-2023) its Global Trends Report, detailing the following corporate travel booking data highlights for 1Q2023:

  • Online domestic Australia travel bookings: Up 27% year-on-year;
  • Advance booking days: 19, up from 17 days in 1Q2023;
  • Average trip duration: 2.9.

The report demonstrated the return of in-person meetings was the leading reason for corporate travel, with travellers booking early to secure options and pay lower prices. FCM Consulting GM Felicity Burke stated: "Air travel will stabilise this year, seeing added capacity in 1H2023 and airfares moderating in 2H2023". [more - original PR]