Fiji opposition leader weighs in on ATS strikes

7 January, 2018

Fiji's National Federation Party leader Biman Prasad believes Fiji's Prime Minister is blatantly disregarding the plight of the workers and is turning a blind eye to breaches of the Companies Act and mismanagement at ATS (Radio NZ, 08-Jan-2018). Professor Prasad said: "Here is a Prime Minister who has done the very opposite of what he has been preaching - common and equal citizenry and that no one will be left behind. His remarks are a kick in the guts of the workers and their families who together with their children spent Christmas and New Year in tents." As previously reported by CAPA, more than 200 staff of the ATS, which provides baggage, catering and engineering services at Nadi Airport, have been off work since 16-Dec-2017 due to an industrial dispute.