Finland Ministry of the Interior outlines new restrictions on border crossings

8 April, 2020

Finland's Ministry of the Interior tightened (07-Apr-2020) border traffic and quarantine rules until 13-May-2020 to slow to spread of coronavirus. Details include:

  • All persons arriving in Finland must quarantine for 14 days;
  • Finns working in border areas with Sweden and Norway must stay under quarantine-like conditions when they are in the territory of Finland. Employees may continue to travel to work but they must comply with the quarantine instructions. Employers are urged to explore ways to reduce the cross-border movement of workers, for example by accommodating workers near their place of employment;
  • The Government recommends that shipping companies operating to Finland from Sweden, Estonia and Germany stop the sale of passenger tickets with the exception of goods and freight transport;
  • The definition of necessary travel for work across the border will not change;

Traffic volumes at the land borders between Finland and Sweden and between Finland and Norway have decreased from normal by around 95%. At the moment, about 80%-90% of traffic is freight transport. [more - original PR]