Gol: Azul-LATAM codeshare is a 'benign' 'catalyser of supply rationality'

25 June, 2020

Gol CEO Paulo Kakinoff, via Airport Infra Expo's official YouTube account, commented (23-Jun-2020) on the Azul-LATAM Airlines Brasil codeshare, stating: "We've been approaching this codeshare in a positive way as it addresses one of the greatest problems the industry will face which is the supply and demand unbalance". Mr Kakinoff added: "This agreement is a tendency as a consequence of a post-COVID industry". He stated he does not believe there will be a great amount of acquisition as there's a liquidity issue in the industry, however the carriers will merge to face a post-pandemic market. Mr Kakinoff included codeshares and strategic partnerships in the scope of mergers as these are lesser complex ways to address the new market environment. He concluded this codeshare is a "catalyser of supply rationality", a "benign way to the speed up aviation recovery".