HRS MD: Few industries hit harder by COVID-19 than travel

12 August, 2020

HRS MD Ana Pedersen, speaking on the CTC Masterclass: Hotel Sourcing and Duty of Care, stated (12-Aug-2020) "few industries have been hit harder and faster" by the COVID-19 pandemic than the travel industry. Ms Pedersen outlined the following challenges for travel management programmes:

  • Duty of care: Ms Pedersen said the pandemic has "magnified the requirement" for duty of care. A greater focus on traveller care is likely to result in more mandated travel programmes. Travellers are also expecting higher standards of hygiene from hotels;
  • Cost pressure: There is increasing internal cost pressure at most organisations, driving a need for travel savings. Ms Pedersen predicted this is likely to lead to hotel product bundling;
  • Corporate hotel programme reliability: Ms Pedersen said there is "high desire for agility in hotel programme management", including the flexibility to adapt programmes to changing economic and market conditions.