IAG CEO: UK air passenger duty hindering LEVEL's ability to launch from regional bases

15 February, 2018

IAG reiterated (15-Feb-2018) its position on the UK's "draconian" air passenger duty (APD). Details include:

  • APD undermines the UK's position as a global trading nation post Brexit;
  • Reduces the chance of IAG's new long haul LCC brand LEVEL operating from regional UK bases. LEVEL plans to launch services from Paris to the Caribbean and North America in Jul-2018 with further European expansion planned.

IAG CEO Willie Walsh commented: "British consumers are losing out because of APD. In Spain and France, LEVEL can offer lower fares than it can in the UK - and that goes for other longhaul low cost airlines too.... MPs need to know that APD undermines our ability to introduce new low cost flights that would benefit their constituents. If APD was axed, IAG could open new routes and operate LEVEL from regional airports". [more - original PR]