IATA: Europe continues to outperform industry in RPK growth in Jun-2019

22 August, 2019

IATA, in its Aug-2019 Europe regional briefing, reported (22-Aug-2019) Europe based carriers continued to outperform the industry wide outcome in terms of RPK growth, achieving 5.7% year-on-year growth in Jun-2019. The largest market, within Europe, maintained strength, with an 8.6% increase in RPKs. Passenger demand remained solid in the domestic Russia market, recorded the 11th consecutive month of double digit growth, with the support of lower fares. For the smaller markets, RPK growth on Europe-Africa routes increased from 8.0% in May-2019 to 14.6% in Jun-2019, while Europe-Middle East rebounded from a modest slow down of -0.7% in May-2019 to 11.1% in Jun-2019. [more - original PR]