IATA: France could add EUR60m to GDP by 2037 by improving air transport competitiveness

13 May, 2019

IATA stated (13-May-2019) a strategic government agenda to improve France's competitiveness in the air transport sector could generate almost EUR60 million in extra GDP by 2037. It listed the following recommendations from a Global Competitiveness Report in association with FNAM and the BAR France: 

  • Reform economic regulation by strengthening the independent economic regulator, to ensure charges are cost related and efficient;
  • Implement a French ATM strategy to maximise capacity and efficiency of ATM;
  • Adopt smarter regulation principles, for example, promoting offsetting rather than taxation to tackle CO2 impacts from aviation.

IATA regional VP for Europe Rafael Schvartzman stated France's competitive position in Europe "is notably weak in infrastructure costs, air traffic management efficiency, the quality of regulation, and the costs of social charges", adding, "there are huge opportunities" if the weaknesses are addressed. [more - original PR]