IATA: 'It is no longer a luxury to fly, but a right'; urges govt to address capacity restraints

22 February, 2018

IATA regional VP The Americas Peter Cerda stated anticipated growth in Latin America over the next 10 to 15 years will be hampered by the lack of airport infrastructure, warning there could be a loss of up to 113 million passengers by 2025 if "no action is taken to address airport capacity constraints" (AeroLatinNews, 21-Feb-2018). While a number of airports in Bogota, Lima, Mexico City, Asunción and Santiago de Chile are investing in infrastructure improvements, Mr Cerda said many of them will experience saturation before long, underscoring the need for a longterm solution. He said: "We need once and for all governments to see the real value of aviation and to commit themselves to its development, understanding that it is no longer a luxury to fly, but a right".