Jambojet aims to stimulate market with low fares; 'Flying must become cheap': CEO

25 April, 2018

Jambojet CEO Willem Hondius said: "Our main aim is to keep fares as low as possible in order to stimulate the market to persuade people into using air transport as opposed to other means" (Daily Monitor, 24-Apr-2018). Mr Hondius noted the challenge of high fees and charges, particularly on international routes, commenting: "So even with our low fares, due to these high airport taxes, those taxes make it more expensive than we would have wanted it to be". He also said factors such as higher costs, low competition and the relatively small proportion of the African population able to travel by air "make it difficult to have an affordable and sustainable pricing model". He added: "I am confident that we will survive in this market. The struggle is that people have to get used to our type of products". Mr Hondius concluded: "Flying must become cheap. We have seen it in Europe and Asia and I believe we can achieve it".