JetBlue Airways does not expect linear recovery from COVID-19: CEO

31 July, 2020

JetBlue Airways CEO Robin Hayes said the carrier is "seizing on unique network opportunities, repurposing our assets and entering into strategic partnerships", as well as "resizing" the carrier to "mitigate the impact of lower demand" (Seeking Alpha, 28-Jul-2020). He noted the carrier's objective to capitalise on network opportunities will help "make us stronger and make us more competitive and ultimately bring our superior product and service to more customers". Mr Hayes also mentioned the carrier's announcement to make a "significant reallocation of our assets in our network flying to 30 new markets, launching between July and October" of 2020, which will support the carrier's "efforts to generate cash and respond to demand". Mr Hayes noted it is "highly likely" the recovery from COVID-19 will "not be linear", observing that JetBlue's "smaller size allows us to respond quickly to changes in demand". He stated: "We are confident that our low cost, low fare leisure model, coupled with our trusted brand will be instrumental, and central in navigating recovery".