London City Airport survey shows business leaders eager to return to air travel

23 June, 2022

London City Airport commissioned (15-Jun-2022) a survey of more than 1000 business leaders across the UK, with 73% of respondents saying their company will use air travel in the next two years. Other findings included:

  • 47% of businesses which did not use air travel pre-pandemic are "likely" to over the next two years;
  • 67% of respondents said they would lose clients or contracts if their team was unable to fly;
  • Half or more of leaders in Scotland (54%), Northern Ireland (64%) and Wales (48%) said flying is essential to conduct business face to face.

The polling is part of a report published by WPI Economics, which suggests that a "speedy" return to business travel will boost the UK economy by GBP17.5 billion between 2022 and 2030. [more - original PR]