New Zealand's Government amends coronavirus travel restrictions

16 June, 2022

New Zealand's Minister for COVID-19 Response Ayesha Verrall stated (15-Jun-2022) travellers to New Zealand will no longer need a coronavirus pre-departure test from 23:59 on 20-Jun-2022. Ms Verrall stated: "We had intended to remove the requirement for travellers to have a pre-departure test by 31 July. But with cases continuing to decline despite over 387,000 arrivals since borders reopened there is evidence this measure can now be lifted". Ms Verrall added: "In order to understand what new strains of COVID are arriving at the border travellers will still be required to self-test on Day 0/1 and again on Day 5/6. If the result of either test is positive, they must then get a PCR test". Additionally, from 23:29 on 20-Jun-2022 passengers transiting through New Zealand will no longer need to be vaccinated, nor be required to complete a New Zealand Traveller Declaration. Ms Verral stated: "Travellers with COVID-19 like symptoms (e.g. Hayfever) will also be able to choose between showing a negative COVID test, or a certificate from a health professional stating that they are unlikely to have COVID-19 before travelling". The maximum penalty for reaching the Air Border Order's vaccination requirement will also be reduced from NZD4000 (USD2516) to NZD1000 (USD629). [more - original PR]