NZ Civil Aviation Authority: NZ to host drone trials in new airspace

10 May, 2017

New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) cleared (10-May-2017) New Zealand tech company Paua Interface (Paua) to host drone trials in the country's newest 874sqkm restricted airspace, dubbed 'Incredible Skies'. Paua CEO Robyn Kamira stated the space is the first fit-for-purpose test range of its kind in New Zealand. The CAA recently paved the way for New Zealand's first beyond line of sight flight with a new regulatory framework which has opened NZ airspace to unmanned air vehicles operated by remote, ground based pilots working under strict conditions. CAA senior technical specialist unmanned aircraft and recreational Mark Houston stated "The CAA is keen to ensure the right balance of safety regulation whilst providing support and a focus on the future of this emerging sector. The CAA believes that with appropriate levels of collaboration between industry and the regulator, drone technology has the potential to contribute substantially to a thriving aviation sector, and both regional and national economies". [more - original PR]