Rex: More than 220 pilot cadets graduate as first officers since 2007

18 November, 2018

Regional Express (Rex) celebrated (Nov-2018) 10 years of operations of its Australian Airline Pilot Academy (AAPA) in Wagga Wagga. More than 220 pilot cadets have graduated from AAPA and subsequently transitioned into Rex and its subsidiaries as first officers since 2007. "We have graduated cadet pilots that now make up 79% of Rex's first officers and 30% of Rex's captains as well as many pilots for major airlines around the world", AAPA chairman Chris Hines said. The carrier has invested AUD35 million (USD25.6 million) in the facility, including introduction of a Saab 340 full flight simulator opened in 2014 and an instrument landing system equipped runway commissioned in 2010. [more - original PR]