Slovenia considers options for maintaining network following Adria Airways bankruptcy

2 October, 2019

Slovenia's Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek stated (30-Sep-2019) the government is considering the possibility of establishing a new carrier (, 01-Oct-2019). The measure would ensure key air services are maintained. In the case of a decision in favour of a new carrier, the launch is estimated to require a few months. Slovenia's Government also reportedly plans to discuss the possibility of transferring Adria Airways' services to Lufthansa Group and the establishment of a new national carrier in cooperation with Lufthansa. Mr Počivalšek noted while Adria Airways is an important company for Slovenia's economy, the government is limited in its ability to help the carrier due to legal provisions. Mr Počivalšek said the situation in the company is poor and financial issues are greater than expected. [more - original PR - Slovenian]