Tourism Research Australia: Domestic travellers accounted for 73% of tourism spend in FY2016-17

8 April, 2018

Tourism Research Australia reported (04-Apr-2018) the following national results from the 'State Tourism Satellite Accounts' for FY2016-17:

  • Total tourism consumption (total value of goods and services consumed by domestic and international visitors in Australia) was AUD136 billion (USD104.5 billion), up 5.3% year-on-year.
  • Domestic market:
    • Domestic consumption was AUD98 billion (USD75.3 billion), up 4.5% and representing 73% of the total tourism consumption;
    • The average domestic visitor consumed AUD349 (USD268.2), up 2.9%;
    • Spend by domestic travellers varies substantially between day trips and overnight trips, due to accommodation costs. Average spend per overnight trip was AUD818 (USD628.50) in 2016–17, compared with AUD115 (USD88.35) per average day trip;
    • Among domestic travellers, 22% of spend was from day trips and 78% from overnight trips. 19% of domestic spend was by business and government travellers, and the remaining 81% came Australian households;
    • The main domestic traveller items of spend were eating out (18% of total consumption), long distance passenger transport (15%) and shopping (12%);
  • International market:
    • International consumption was AUD37 billion (USD28.4 billion), up 7.6%;
    • The average international visitor consumed AUD4347 (USD3340.35), down 1.2%. Major spend items were accommodation (15% of total spend), long distance transport (16%), shopping (13%) and meals (12%);
    • International visitors are the main consumers of education services, with AUD5 billion (USD3.8 billion) spent in FY2016-17. This was equivalent to 15% of total spending going on education services, with demand especially high from Asian markets. [more - original PR]