US DoT: American Airlines ranks the highest in baggage fees for FY2019

5 May, 2020

US Department of Transportation (DoT) reported (04-May-2020) US airlines received the following revenue from baggage fees for 4Q2019 and FY2019:

  • 4Q2019: USD1.4 billion;
    • Alaska Airlines: USD78 million;
    • Allegiant Air: USD62 million;
    • American Airlines: USD329 million;
    • Delta Air Lines: USD252 million;
    • Frontier Airlines: USD135 million;
    • Hawaiian Airlines: USD20 million;
    • JetBlue Airways: USD91 million;
    • Southwest Airlines: USD12 million;
    • Spirit Airlines: USD197 million;
    • Sun Country: USD17 million;
    • United Airlines: USD234 million;
  • FY2019: USD5.7 billion;
    • Alaska Airlines: USD328 million;
    • Allegiant Air: USD265 million;
    • American Airlines: USD1.3 billion;
    • Delta Air Lines: USD1.0 billion;
    • Frontier Airlines: USD459 million;
    • Hawaiian Airlines: USD86 million;
    • JetBlue Airways: USD361 million;
    • Southwest Airlines: USD51 million;
    • Spirit Airlines: USD759 million;
    • Sun Country: USD70 million;
    • United Airlines: USD1 billion. [more - original PR]