Washington state seeks to attract Boeing to manufacture New Midsized Airplane in state

3 January, 2018

Washington Department of Commerce secretary Brian Bonlender stated the state is seeking to attract Boeing to construct the potential New Midsized Airplane in the state (AINOnline, 03-Jan-2018). "We have a very positive story to tell about our relationship with Boeing over the decades", Mr Bonlender said, adding: "It's a relationship that's produced success repeatedly. We're [Boeing's] most efficient, least risky, quickest partner-to-profit in the world". Choose Washington NMA Counci CEO Dave Somers similar noted: "We face fierce global competition and need to maintain our position as the aerospace leader of the world. For continued success, we must aggressively work to retain and grow jobs. We cannot afford the risk of losing any business when it comes to our aerospace cluster".