Wizz Air appoints chief digital officer, MD of Wizz Air UK and chief corporate officer

2 September, 2018

Wizz Air appointed (31-Aug-2018) Joel Goldberg to the newly created position of chief digital officer, effective 01-Oct-2018. Mr Goldberg will be responsible for the Wizz Air Group's e-commerce, data analytics and automation, IT Innovation and IT Infrastructure and services functions. Mr Goldberg is the Nike Europe senior director of technology. Chief corporate officer Owain Jones is appointed MD of Wizz Air UK, effective 01-Sep-2018. Head of legal Marion Geoffroy will be promoted to chief corporate officer, effective 01-Sep-2018. Mr Geoffroy will be responsible for the legal, human resources and facilities functions. CEO József Váradi, Chief Executive Officer stated: "Joel Goldberg's appointment as chief digital officer will ensure that Wizz Air's digital development not only keeps up with, but also anticipates the future needs of our customers as well as improving efficiency across the business... Also importantly, we remain highly driven by the market opportunities for the Wizz brand and customer proposition in the United Kingdom and as a result we continue to invest by building our network and operations as well as enhancing our leadership and organizational capacity in the country". [more - original PR]