OAG: Airline schedule volatility in Europe has improved dramatically as volumes have increased

    OAG reported (07-Oct-2021) operational airline capacity from all European airports for the week commencing 30-Sep-2021 was down 1.7% when compared to published schedules two weeks earlier. This compares to a fall in capacity of 0.8% for the same week in 2019, indicating that the volatility level of the airline market is still twice pre-pandemic levels. Over the past six months there has been a steady improvement: at the end of Apr-2021, airline schedules had 23% less capacity than two weeks earlier, and at the end of May-2021, it had 32% more capacity than two weeks earlier. As air travel volumes increased, system volatility decreased to 6.9% in Jun-2021, 2.9% in Jul-2021 and 2.1% in Aug-2021. [more – original PR]

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