carbon emissions

Train travel is ‘always a sensible choice’ for passenger transport in Europe, but air travel still provides a complementary option in supporting regional connectivity

The European Environment Agency (EEA) acknowledges that after a year during which millions in Europe have been confined to their homes and travel activity has

Searching for sustainability – around half travellers will travel further and pay more for a destination with better air quality

We have learnt a lot about ourselves and our world over the past 12 months, but perhaps nothing has become more obvious than the global

Electric Aviation Group unveils world’s first hybrid electric 70+ seater aircraft – is this the blueprint for sustainable mass air transportation in the future?

A pioneering design for a hybrid electric regional aircraft which could deliver a technical and commercial entry point for sustainable mass air transport has been

Delivering on sustainability will become ‘a cost of doing business’ for the airline industry

JetBlue Airways recently drew a line in the sand in its efforts to combat global warming by declaring that its domestic flights in 2020 would

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