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The time is right to reinvent travel and get customers excited about the prospect of travelling again

Those of us who were lucky enough to be travelling in the 1970s and 1980s, and even into the 1990s, benefitted from an experience that

Social distancing at airports and on aircraft – is it really manageable?

The idea that airlines can simply leave middle seats on aircraft empty as a social distancing solution once airline demand once again takes-off is simply

More than half of flyers believe air travel is more stressful than a day’s work, and only slightly less find it more stressful than a trip to the dentist

There has been numerous recent studies that have highlighted how regular travel can impact the health and wellbeing of corporate travellers. These are normally centred

Travellers are generally excited, happy, prepared and also nervous about overseas travel, but Americans are more anxious, scared and worried than their European counterparts

New research to ascertain travel habits and to learn how open travellers are to trying out new experiences has provided some interesting insights into travellers

American and United have no intention of allowing Delta to solely trumpet its customer satisfaction progress without blowing their own horns

No US carrier has touted its net promoter score (NPS) more during the last couple of years than Delta Air Lines – the strides it

Is it time to go with the flow? How tracking and analysing passenger movements could deliver reduce wait times, less crowding and a better traveller experience

Most regular air travellers will have an airport routine. When flying from a known airport they will follow a preferred path right from arrival through

Travel providers are ‘falling short of travellers expectations’ and ‘failing to deliver on their top priorities’

More than ever, travellers across the world are clear about their growing expectations at every stage of the customer journey. They expect more intuitive booking

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