economic impact

The contribution from travel and tourism to GDP and employment ‘positively and significantly’ affects social progress

The recovery of travel and transport is not just vital for employment and global economies but also on the social progress of nations. New research

CAPA said aviation has headed back to the 1930s; now a leading military chief warns the world could face a similar historic reset

A massive downturn expected earlier to last just a few months has turned into something quite different and even now, we still don’t know just

Turning on the tap – even just a 1% rise in international arrivals will deliver a USD7 billion GDP boost

While the fear factor remains a major concern for many travellers, any worries that travel would not recover has been put to rest with what

IMF: The global economy will shrink -3% in 2020, but could bounce back +5.8% in 2021 as economic activity normalises

The global economy is projected to contract by –3% in 2020, says the International Monetary Fund (IMF), much worse than during the global financial crisis,

Number of Americans’ unused vacation days continues to climb, but trend in 2018 is due to a growing allowance

US workers continue to leave vacation days on the table, but the drivers behind the increase in 2018 is largely due to a growing number

Hawaiian Airlines generates USD9.3 billion in economic benefit for the state of Hawai‘i

Hawaiian Airlines generated the equivalent of USD9.3 billion in economic benefit for the state of Hawai‘i and supported more than 60,000 jobs in 2018, according

USA remains the world’s largest travel and tourism economy, a global industry that now contributes USD8.8 trillion to the world economy

The United States of America (USA) retained its status as the world’s largest travel and tourism economy last year despite a standstill in international visitors

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